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Monday, September 19, 2016 - 12 Noon Arrhythmias (irregular or abnormal heart beats) are very common and are often a mere annoyance.

I tend to write when and where the ideas hit me, and oddly enough that's often in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep and I can have absolute peace and quiet.Any advice what to do to keep it from occurring and is there a medication? Q2 – Over time, will my AF likely stay the same, change or possibly progress into something else? John_Rickard,_MD: Stopping eliquis for a few days before a dental procedure is typically advised so long as your stroke risk is not exorbitant.Mohamed_Kanj,_MD: Caffeine, alcohol, and sleep apnea can cause arrhythmias. In the event I need to go in for surgery of some kind, or even a dental extraction where bleeding is likely, what is the suggested procedure? Typically your risk for a stroke over a few days is not high although this does depend on your other risk factors. As far as what will happen to your atrial fibrillation (AF) everyone is a bit different.Will suddenly go back to a normal beat and everything is ok.Cannot figure out what causes the episodes of the irregular beats.She joins us to talk about writing, her grandchildren and Richard. Everyone told me that being a grandmother means that you love your grandchild as much as you did your own.

See the bottom of the page to watch a video of Judy reading the winning poem for our World Poetry Day competition. I didn't understand this and couldn't really believe it was possible but they're absolutely right.

Q: I understand that you have recently become a grandmother. When I first saw her I felt I'd been hammered in the chest.

The whole family adores her and she's very, very funny.

Famous for her long-running television partnership with husband Richard Madeley and the best-known book club in Britain - and now a successful author herself to boot, Judy Finnigan joined us for a live webchat.

Her debut novel, Eloise, became a Sunday Times bestseller in 2012. She's called Ivy Florence and she's now 5 months old. I could never have expected how strongly I would react when I saw her the day after she was born.

Will go for several days with it beating regularly, then suddenly I'll go a day or so with the irregular beat.