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Who is foxy brown dating now

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Inga De Carlo Fung Marchand, better known by her stage name Foxy Brown, is an American rapper known for her solo work as well as numerous collaborations with other artists and her brief stint as part of hip hop music group The Firm.

However, she returned to the label in January 2005 after then-Def Jam president and CEO Jay-Z signed her back to begin work on her new album Black Roses.Her albums include Ill Na Na in 1996, followed by Chyna Doll in 1999, and Broken Silence in 2001.For most fans, a formal introduction to Kurupt came along with khakis, Nike Cortez sneakers and all the classic memories of Death Row during the label’s peak in the ‘90s. Whether it was a confrontation with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, DMX and Foxy Brown or his former label mates Snoop Dogg and Daz, loyalty is the common thread between both some of his most heated battles and their ensuing reconciliations. I always thought that album was dope, because you were coming from a different perspective on it. When we made that record, we were more or less trying to find our new selves. DX: I saw you at the adidas Originals joint with Snoop. He was like, “Yeah, we can chill.” Steve Stoute was like, “No, we gotta keep banging them over the head.” Nas was like, “Nah, I think I want to chill now.” Kurupt: I met my goal. was over there ready to press the button on that record, and Dogg was like, “Play another beat.” He kept going. But when you are a celebrity, it’s hard to keep your personal life private as many eyes and paparazzi keep a watch over you.

Some stars flaunt both their career and love life whereas some keep their personal life very low-key.

Dre and [Snoop] Dogg taught me how to make records. It took away from making records, because I was in a confused place with the transition between being a man, being the artist and being the father—the whole ball of wax. Money and power can be a poison or it can make you as a person. Nobody can touch you, and the next thing you know you feel that you’ll be able to do this forever, and you take that hiatus. You got these records where you’ll see we’re trying to get our rhythm back.

DX: It’s interesting to hear you describe how you felt after getting acknowledgement and recognition. The majority of youngsters break something, and you lose your mind with all that power and money.

Love at first sight he said ‘Ing (you are) gonna be my wife’,” Foxy Brown, real name Inga Marchand said.

Foxy, who is of Trinidadian descent, said her mother was with the pair when they met in the twin island republic and had described them as “inseparable”.

Nas said something similar a couple years ago at SXSW in an interview with Steve Stoute.