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In fact, this concept called for THE “Assault” rifle, but its early implementations, such as CSRG M1915 and BAR M1918 mentioned before, or the Russian Fedorov M1916, had some inherent flaws.

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These rifles fired standard US Army issue rifle ammunition of the period, the .30 M1906 (.30-06, 7.62x63mm), and were in direct competition with John Browning’s M1918 BAR automatic rifle.

It fired same powerful .30 M1906 (.30-06) rifle ammunition The major source of problems with these “first generation” “assault” rifles was its rifle ammunition.

Designed during the late 19 century, it was quite powerful, with a long range, necessary for suppressive long range volley fire; a standard and widespread infantry practice until the mass adoption of machine guns during WW1.

The term “Assault rifle”, despite its widespread use, is controversial, mostly because there’s no single agreed definition for it.

It first became well-known during and shortly after WW2 as a political/propaganda measure on the part of Adolph Hitler, although both the basic concept and the term itself have a noticeably longer history.

a former Greco-Roman wrestling champion, eventually earned a Ph D and was a professor at the University of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow.