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For now, anyone who receives the update can choose activate those new features in the "advanced" menu under Signal's settings."We want Signal to be a joy to use," says Moxie Marlinspike, Open Whisper Systems' founder.

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14/Jun/08: This version has now been superseded by 2.8.7c.Released a new version for Linux/Unix today: 2.8.4, which has similar features (ability to move the tree and userlist) to the Windows release a few weeks ago (see youtube video below).See this forum post for a list of changes or to leave comments. See this forum post for a list of changes or to leave comments.It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. This affects people browsing the web with Internet Explorer while XChat is running.The problem does not exist if Firefox is your default browser.encryption app Signal became the go-to private communications channel for activists, journalists, politicians, and more, its encrypted calling feature remained less than perfect.

It lacks video, often drops calls, and doesn't always integrate with your phone's existing features.

Audio Calls Make audio-only calls to your friends when you can’t have a video call.*Data charges may apply. I'm using IOS and if the call coming through could trump the lock screen as fb messenger or an actual does, that would be awesome! I do recommend Google Duo, the quality of the video is by far the best I've used!

Also if the ringtone and especially the volume of the ringtone could be changed! Duo is a wonderful app to use with great quality calls.

A major new version of XChat for Windows has been released today: 2.8.7.

Some of the new features including screenshots are listed in this forum post.

The most notable improvement is probably the moveable components, that is, you can move the userlist and tree around to different positions with the mouse [youtube video].