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Notary stamp updating commission dates

notary stamp updating commission dates-55

At this time we do not conduct routine workshops or seminars for a fee.The Secretary of State has no affiliation with any business that advertises notary public training and related services.

It will be invalid with the new notary commission - ORS 194-154(1).​ To destroy the stamp, peel off the rubber strip, cut it up and then throw it away.This handy tool makes it convenient to place your commission expiration date on a document.However, please be advised that this stamp can not replace your official Notary seal.Election Outlook: Voter identification requirements are currently under review in federal court.The Secretary of State will update its website to comply with court requirements as more information is available.Nor does the Secretary of State endorse any businesses.

The Secretary of State lacks jurisdiction to take action regarding a business that offers notary public training.

A notary public is an officer commissioned by the Michigan Secretary of State to serve as an unbiased and impartial witness.

The most common function of the notary is to prevent fraud by attesting to the identity of a person signing a document.

We regret that we cannot accept any further registrations; however, we will make conference materials and a video replay of the conference available on this site by September 30, 2017.

Secretary of State notary public education materials and training video are available here on the Secretary of State web site.

Ground: $5.00 2-Day Air*: $12.95 Next-Day Air*: $21.95 All shipping rates are subject to change. For shipment to other destinations, call Customer Service at 1-800-US-NOTARY (1-800-876-6827).