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Hot teen cyber chat

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Just when you think you're totally down with the youths with their FMLs and OMGs and all that, this kind of list comes along.

Snapchat is an incredibly popular app among teens and pre-teens, and many of them gravitate to the app because Snapchat isn’t on their parents’ social media radar.While the content disappears to the user, what happens after the picture or chat is sent is a mystery. Because it's not about where your kids are; it's about what kind of slang words they're sending each other on social media.This way is a lot safer than having a public profile because only those who you approve to follow you can see your pictures.Privacy settings also keep away unwanted followers because everyone who wants to follow you has to go through your dashboard and be approved by you.As a non-Instagram user I kind of don’t “get” it but as the Mom of an Instagram user, I’ve needed to at least know how to navigate through it.

I’m about to learn all Guest Post by Ali De Cesare A lot of the world’s youth has moved away from Facebook to migrate toward Instagram, but don’t be fooled, Instagram can be just as risky to a child as Facebook. From profanity and inappropriate pictures and comments to cyber bullying and hate mail.

With the speed and ease of the Internet, her classmate soon recruited 20 others to bully Handy online. As the ordeal dragged on for months, she dreaded going to school, felt physically ill and saw her grades tumble.

No doubt, the Internet can be an extremely useful tool for young people.

Not only is Snapchat widely used—Business Insider recently reported that it is THE most popular app among teens–but it’s also widely abused by teens.

While sharing a funny selfie seems harmless, teens are taking the pictures to an x-rated and inappropriate level. And it is the app’s invisibility cloak that lures teens to think those revealing pictures harmlessly disappear. They also can be shared and sent along in other ways.

Follow these tips to protect your kids from the 4 major dangers of the Internet.