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Low interest debt consolidating financing

One of the first things you’ll want to do is check your credit reports for accuracy.

Tier 1 borrowers will receive an interest rate between 7.75% - 10.55% (comparison rate 9.77% - 13.28% p.a.) depending on investor demand.You can make lump sum repayments at any time with no penalty. Example: A Gem Personal Loan of $15,000 borrowed for 3 years with a minimum interest rate of 12.99% p.a.would equate to a total amount payable of $18,516.60 (including a $240 establishment fee).As personal finance specialists we aim to make the process of dealing with us as easy as possible.Apply online whenever it suits you, or talk your application through with a specialist over the phone.Here’s how credit card consolidation works: You first decide if you want to take out a new loan, open a new credit card or enroll in a debt management plan (more on that later).

Whichever option you choose, you will use it to pay off your multiple balances.

Combining all debt into one loan reduces your total monthly bills into one single payment, making it easier to plan your finances.

Missing just one credit card payment could damage your credit score and add interest to your monthly payment.

With a loan through, your interest rate is fixed.

You’ll know exactly what your monthly payments are and how many of them you’ll need to make in order to pay off your loan.

WARNING: The comparison rates are true only for the examples provided and may not include all fees and charges.