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Soft Layer object storage provides a low cost option to store files in the cloud.

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Cyberduck is not installed by default on the Window side of GSLIS lab and classroom computers.Now we can start entering some of the information Cyberduck will need to connect us with the GSLIS servers. I used "" but you may choose any of the following.Enter your Net ID in the "Username:" field (as seen above), and use your GSLIS password for the "Password:" field.Also, for accessing a new bookmark’s setup screen you may press Ctrl Shift B buttons (if you use MS Windows): Extra attention should be paid to port and connection protocol combination.Those can be set in the Port field and the drop-down menu on the top of the setup window.The following article will walk you through the steps needed to connect.

You can grab a copy of Cyberduck from their official website at Now that you have Cyberduck open, click "Open Connection" on the top left3.

Once you've opened the program, click on the "Open Connection" icon in the upper left.

In the following dialogue box, there are various areas we will need to input information, but first, select SFTP from the dropdown list.

You can do this by creating a bookmark in Cyberduck.

With Cyberduck open, click on Bookmark in the main menu bar, then New Bookmark in the dropdown menu.

When you transfer files to the server using FTP, these files can be uploaded in two distinct modes: text and binary.