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Eich's ended a storm of controversy that whipped up after public records revealed he made a $1,000 donation in 2008 to an organization that promoted a ban on gay marriage in California.Many, including Mozilla employees and independent Firefox developers, viewed Eich's support for California's Proposition 8 as condoning a mean-spirited campaign to prevent gay couples from enjoying the same rights held by other US citizens. 8 had rescinded the right for gay couples to marry.) Dating site to switch Web browsers and called out Eich on its Web site as "an opponent of equal rights for gay couples."Others were just as upset that a supremely talented technologist -- Eich invented the Java Script coding language in 1995 -- lost his job simply because he exercised his Constitutional right to free speech.

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It was clearly intended by God that this would be a part of mans makeup, for He made them male and female, Genesis .Over the course of the almost two-week-long controversy, Eich underscored his commitment to diversity -- both in a blog post as well as in an extended Mozilla's Mark Surman, who describes Eich as one of his heroes, reflected that his former colleague did not need to backtrack on Prop.8 but wrote that the failure to "project and communicate empathy" was "his fatal flaw as CEO."Unfortunately, once news of Eich's donation turned into the talk of the Internet, the ensuing controversy took on a life of its own.Brendan Eich's short stint as chief executive officer of the Mozilla Foundation came to an abrupt end this week.All things considered, his ultimate undoing might have been more a matter of his personal style than his personal opinion.Obviously in Gods first command to Adam and Eve there is the idea of the sexual union for the purpose of reproduction.

However, other passages indicate very clearly that God gave sex for the purpose of joy as well. In 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 the Bible says that mates should not withhold themselves from their partner unless it is for a short time and for spiritual reasons.

They aren't loaded, but they are doing much better than most people I know.

So you're not committing some evil my marrying young.

For me, being a single mother, soon to turn 52, with both my children still under their teen years, this can be one scary step.

While all the traditional ways of dating do still exist, let’s face it, times have changed.

No one had lived on the earth prior to Adams creation.) When God finished His creation and looked at everything, He said, "It is very good," Genesis .