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Lebanese dating customs

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An interesting archaeological relic found throughout Lebanon is the hundreds of well-preserved mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine eras.Countless colorful, tiny stones form intricate images of mythological figures, religious deities, and geometric designs.

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Most Lebanese people speak Arabic, English, and French.Oftentimes, someone with a higher salary will foot a larger portion of the bill, and this is generally accepted by everyone.– Annie Bettis CANADA: Usually guests pay exactly for what they ordered with separate Trevor Batrouney This chapter first provides a brief overview of Lebanese immigration and settlement in Australia and a statistical picture of Australia's current Lebanese population.It then examines the variety of Lebanese families in Australia in terms of origin, status and structures.The population is generally viewed in terms of religion.

The predominant differences between people are those between Muslim and Christian sects.

Its position as a meeting point for diverse peoples is evident in the extraordinary richness of its archaeological sites and historical monuments.

From Stone Age settlements to Phoenician city-states, from Roman temples to rock-cut Christian hermitages, from Crusader Castles to Mamluke mosques and Ottoman hammams, the country’s historical sites are a true encyclopedia of ancient and modern world history.

The final section focuses on Lebanese family values, distinguishing between values associated with social activities and with different stages in the life cycle.

Throughout the chapter, distinctions are made between traditional and emergent family values which may be found in both Lebanon and Australia.

Each is distinctive in terms of the backgrounds, numbers and characteristics of Lebanese immigrants, as well as the social and economic conditions of Australia at the time.