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The three-storied museum (old building) is located in the Sultan Park in Malé, which is part of the site of the Maldivian Royal Palace compound dating back to the 17th century.The two-storey Us-gēkolhu is the only remaining structure of the palace demolished by fire in 1968.The new building of the museum is also located in Sultan Park.The building was designed, built and financed by the Chinese government.The building was presented to the Maldives by the Chinese government on 10 July 2010, but was officially opened and declared as the national museum two weeks later on Maldives' Independence Day, 26 July 2010.Amnesty International urges the Maldives authorities to immediately halt plans to carry out the execution of Hussain Humaam Ahmed (Humaam) and to commute his, and all other, existing death sentences in Maldives.

At the conclusion of a visit to the Republic of Maldives, Amnesty International believes human rights in the country have already been seriously eroded and are at risk of further deterioration.

The following briefing is based on the findings of this visit, which was prompted by reports of blatant breaches of the right to a fair trial for some leading opponents of the government.

Political tension in the country has been exacerbated by the harassment, detention and imprisonment of government opponents.

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