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Excel application screenupdating does not work

You can also replace the default color palette that Microsoft Excel uses when it creates a new workbook.

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Empty modules trigger the macro query, as does an actual macro.[palette], [copy], [chart], [colorindex], [grayscale], [formatting], [DOS/OE], [HTML]*, [Help], [Macros], [macros], [Color Formulas], [Format Unprotected], [chgfont], [Clear Constantsf], [icolor F], [popvalue], [popbased], [sorting], [count], [rowcolor], [Del Rows], [hexconv], [chgpalette], [fillcolor], [cellcommentcolor], [Backup Display], [tabs], [triangles], [manual], [colorcharts], [detector], [Luma], [pgms], [colorcoding], [coloringcode], [VBE], [Related], [thissite], [postings], [otherxl], [other], [font], [problems], [printers], [mskb], [msdn], Scope of the Color Palette: Each workbook has it’s own palette.To change the default, change your template for new workbooks.To use the same custom color scheme in a set of workbooks, you can copy the color palette from one workbook to another.For example, you can create a custom color palette that matches your company’s logo and image and then copy it into the workbooks used in company presentations.If you are using a color monitor, you can customize the shade and intensity of the colors in the color palette for each workbook.

When you change a color in the palette, it is changed for any element formatted with the color you changed, throughout the entire workbook.

Then when you open a book needing path updates you can click the button, to update the formulas on the current active book.

This is a simple example you can elaborate to loop through worksheets or get the files in the directory and open each file, update links for wholesale changes.

Formula If In Str(1, cur Formula, Old Path) Sub Getall Workbooks() Dim wkb Found As Workbook Dim wks Found As Worksheet Application. Display Alerts = False 'find all files within the new path With Application.

Found Files(i)) 'update all formulas in each worksheet of the found workbook For Each wks Found In wkb Found. Activate Call Update Formulas Next wks Found wkb Found.

If you close the toolbar by clicking the X, it will disappear again.