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Sex chatroom in kenya

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We’ve all seen how rich, famous and influential most of these Instagram socialites have become nowadays without doing anything worth talking about.Most of them claim they are businesswomen, yet they’re always on vacation and sleep all day in 5-star hotel rooms. Last night I got my mitts on some screenshots of a very intriguing Whats App conversation between an influential Kenyan politician and a famous socialite.

She is told that the only way to keep her job is to give in to the nefarious desires of her boss.It's aimed for those who feel are not fitting on an average dating website.This revamped site offers splendid matchmaking service for all registered members in a pleasurable environment that stimulates only fun, friendships and intimacy.READ ALSO: Ruthless thugs gang rape woman and urinate in husband’s mouth The whole conversation was partly an indication of probably what most Kenyan women go through in the employment sector as they try to find the balance between eking out a living and keeping their dignity.The boss has been identified in the conversation as Killian Fleming.- A leaked conversation seen by ke shows a married woman negotiating for her career with her boss who wants sexual favours in return - The boss, assumed to be white, tells the woman that the only thing she needs to do in order to secure her promotion is to sleep with him - The woman turns down the offer of being elevated to the team leader of an international company choosing to remain faithful to her husband It is a cold, dark world out there, brethren.

A leaked conversation seen by ke details a sad exchange between a Kenyan woman and her foreign employer who heads or holds a senior position in a company in Kenya.

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