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Adult dating in phuket

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It is midnight at Patong Beach and the tourists - almost all men - are out in force.

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Situated along the southern end of Thailand's coast in the Andaman Sea, you will find the idyllic islands of Ko Phi Phi - made famous by the Hollywood movie, The Beach.There’s a live band playing until midnight and that’s about the time Banana starts to get super busy.If you only had one night in Patong and look for a place to party after some bar hopping then you might not want to miss Tiger Live Band – the biggest, loudest, busiest and most sophisticated night club in Phuket.Recently, team Single Dude found themselves on a short trip to Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.A lot has changed since I’d been there last about 5 years ago. Basically it’s a small rectangular shaped bar with seats all around, and there are girls working there serving you drinks and taking turns dancing on the bar at the corners.Patong Beach has the widest range of nightlife options in all Phuket and of course it’s no different with nightclubs.

Just by walking from Beach Road (called Thawewong Rd) along the bustling nightlife strip of Bangla Road all the way through to Rat-U-Tit Road you will pass about 80% of all nightclubs in Patong (and like 60% of all nightclubs on Phuket Island).

It’s not just the high quantity of clubs in the Bangla Road area but here are also the best ones since this is the big nightlife magnet and attracts most of the tourists, expats and local Thais every single night.

As wide the variety of the nightclubs on Patong beach is and each trying to offer a unique design and setup – the main concept is the same at most places: Ladies go in for free and are often even given free drinks and then men get attracted but pay a minor entrance fee of 200 or 300 Baht which includes one free drink.

Experience the unknown - taste deep fried insects, feel enlightened by Buddhism and transported into the movies as you island-hop around the Phi Phi Islands.

Beyond the bustling bars, shops and restaurants - you'll uncover a remarkable way of life.

Atmospheric and culturally diverse, explore the beautiful temples - which are important symbols of Thailand, as you're captivated by the warm welcome of the 'land of smiles'.