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Liquidating my

All items were bought within the last ~4 months with an expiration of either March 2017 or December 2017. Pictures are here for proof sake: GQ I'd like to get $200 for everything actual shipping from Portland, OR to you -- or if you're local, I'm not against meeting to skip the shipping fee. And I'm thinking price is firm at this point since I'm already discounting it quite a bit if I remember correctly, but if not, feel free to prove me wrong on the value.

liquidating my-75

He was always testing out different investment ideas back then, and at some point figured coins would be a smart way to diversify his holdings. So I turned around and did what every good novice collector does – take them to my local coin club and have the experts help me out ;) I tried to grade and value them myself first, of course, but sadly grading is the least of my skills and I wanted to make sure my father got as accurate an evaluation as possible. I’m not sure how much my father paid for these back in the day, but I’m willing to bet they’re worth more now :) Though there is inflation to consider…After thinking about it for a day I decided that it would be best served if I took that 401k money and pulled it out of Vanguard and used it to give me a decent starting pool for beginning my adventures into trading crypto currency.Maybe this is a bad idea, maybe it will turn out to be a great idea.While it’s not a lot to work with, this combined with the bitcon that I already have should help me get my feet wet in trading and get used to doing it on the regular. Am I a crazy guy with a sweet mustache or a genius, again, with a sweet mustache? I have seen all the other threads regarding this but there is still somethings I would like to have cleared up. The car is a bit busted it has a crack in the window and a large bump on one side. I am really pressed for time and I think I can only be there for like 2 working days.So he ordered a handful of Morgan dollars and silver eagles off the back of some catalog (the olden days – hah! Now, for whatever reason, he was curious as to how much they were worth – particularly because he was sure he had gotten ripped off all those years ago? so after I got the “official” grades from my veteran friends, I made sure to pepper them with all sorts of questions so that I could learn in the process. After learning this my father then asked if I wanted to help sell them so they could invest the profits in stocks instead (a much smarter move, if you ask my opinion. I’ve already had some interest from some of my friends who helped grade them, and I have another collector friend who’s helped me off load some of my own coins in the past.

– and wanted to know if I’d be the man for the job. If you don’t belong to a local club yourself, I highly encourage it. I love me some coins but they’re not exactly the best investments return-wise or time-wise! So between all of that I’m pretty sure I can liquidate them for my dad.

See our article here on tax considerations, in the rare case we must consider liquidating assets prior to transfers.

Over the last few years I have been a cautiously optimistic, relatively early adopter of investing in unsecured peer to peer loans.

And I can't have it registered in Switzerland and keep it in France without an address in Switzerland, can I?

One of the most exciting things in the world of collecting, which I’m sure you can attest to, is when someone tells you they have a stash of coins hidden away they’d like you to take a look at :) And even more so when they tell you they’re kept in a vault at the bank!!!

I'm getting deployed unexpectedly and I have some things to get rid of before I move that I'd rather not keep in storage.