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Sunfish sailboat dating

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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

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The pictures show exactly what the sailboat and trailer look like but you are welcome to come and look at them anytime before the auction ends. The sail is that of a Sun Fish, yet this boat is two feet smaller and has a sealed cockpit. Has some usual wear and tear but it does not affect the performance of the boat. This information was posted on the Sunfish website, but they have changed the site and this was no longer available, so I have stored it here for safekeeping.If the serial number is on a metal deck plate near the splashrail; there is no storage compartment at the aft end of cockpit; and the boat has (or had) the "old style" rudder hardware (where the rudder attaches via 2 bronze fittings): the boat is pre-1971.Many suspect Laser Performance will not be making Sunfish sailboats any longer.As of May 2017, new boats cannot be found for sale, and the manufacturer has not been helpful or forthcoming with any information on why they stopped making Sunfish in 2016.Laser Performance has reassured the Sunfish racing organization that new boats will be available by 2018.

The distinctive low-aspect ratio lateen sail gives the Sunfish an anachronistic appearance compared with today's more familiar high-aspect ratio Bermuda rig sailboats.

The Sunfish sailboat is a personal size, beach launched sailing dinghy utilizing a pontoon type hull carrying a lateen sail mounted to an un-stayed mast. and first appeared around 1952 as the "next generation" improvement on their original boat, the Sailfish.

In contrast, the Sunfish has a wider beam for more stability, increased freeboard and the addition of a foot-well for a more comfortable sailing position.

The last two numbers of the serial number is the year of manufacter.

Sometimes the machine used to imprint the numbers made an impression that looks something like a 1 at the end of the number, so ignore that.

The sail has bright vibrant colors with no signs of fading, tears, etc..